I LOVE the hand cream.  I want to rub it all over my body!  Everything about it is awesome... moisturizing but light, I love the way it smells (I usually do fragrance free everything) and the packaging is absolutely beautiful!

- Registered Nurse

As a full time mom of two young children, my hands are constantly dry and sometimes cracking due to cleaning, washing dishes, and cooking, so a truly moisturizing hand cream is important to me. I found that with Karité! I love the subtle scent and the non-greasy finish. A little goes a long way, too. I keep a tube in my kitchen and in my purse at all times. Highly recommended!

- Domestic Goddess


I've really come to love the richness of the Karité moisturizer and how lush but light it seems to feel on the skin. As a frequent business traveler, it's really helped with the dryness you often get after long flights. From cold, snowy New York to gray, dreary London or hot, humid West Africa, Karité keeps my skin looking and feeling great.

- Financier, investor and entrepreneur


Karité is liquid gold! Actually it's a thick, very moisturizing creme that isn't too heavy or greasy. My skin feels soft and supple after using which is no small accomplishment considering how many times I wash my hands a day. It also helps to soothe the eczema patches on my hands. Highly recommended.


This hand cream feels so wonderful on my skin - the texture is perfection. I have dry skin, especially on my hands, and I love the way my skin feels after using it. Unlike some other lotions and creams that leave my hands feeling slimy or greasy (or the opposite, like I put nothing on at all), the Karité hand cream leaves my skin feeling just right -- so satisfyingly hydrated and smooth and soft. It really feels like it's soaking into the surface. And I love knowing that it is non-toxic. The packaging is beautiful, too! I will definitely be recommending it to family and friends.

-Opera singer