Using Karité


How often should I moisturize?

We recommend moisturizing as often as needed since the skin loses moisture around the clock. Hydrating in the morning and at night keeps skin soft and supple.

I have oily skin. Do I still need to moisturize?

Oily skin needs nourishment, too. We still recommend moisturizing twice a day, as our products quickly and easily absorb into the skin.

Will Karité products melt?

All of our products are made with ingredients sourced from nature, and are best kept at room temperature. Due to the natural ingredients in our products, color and consistency may vary especially in warmer temperatures, but any change in consistency will not affect their quality or effectiveness.

Which skin types will benefit most from Karité products?

Our products are ideal for all skin types, and are especially beneficial for those who have dry skin. Karité products are also great for those with eczema, psoriasis and other conditions that cause dry skin, including diabetes and thyroid disease.

I have eczema. Are your products suitable for me?

Our products were developed by a dermatologist who made sure they were free of harsh chemicals or ingredients that could irritate sensitive skin. Shea butter has soothing, healing and anti-inflammatory benefits for the skin, so it’s suitable for eczema. If you have extremely sensitive skin, we recommend testing a small amount on a patch of skin before applying more generally. Please talk to your physician regarding any concerns.

Can men use your products?

Of course… Men need to hydrate their skin, too! Male skin tends to be thicker than female skin, but shea butter’s intense moisture is ideal for everyone and can soften even the roughest, toughest elbows, knees and feet.

I am allergic to nuts. Can I use shea butter?

The Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) organization states that the risk of an allergic reaction to shea nuts is unknown. The FDA considers shea nuts to be a tree nut, but they do not include shea nuts as part of their food labeling laws. However, we have yet to find any reports of allergic reactions to shea nuts, or the shea butter that is derived from those nuts, by those who have a tree nut or even a peanut allergy. Although a reaction to the shea butter in our products is highly unlikely, please consult your physician or allergist to discuss.  

How is the palm oil in your hand cream sourced?

We understand that palm oil has an environmentally negative connotation depending on how it’s sourced. We source our palm oil from our family’s sustainably run palm oil factory in Ghana. We conduct periodic reviews and onsite visits to ensure that there is no deforestation, harm to animals or to the environment in the sourcing and processing of the palm oil.


Orders and Shipping


How can I return a product?

We hope you love what you ordered from Karité! Due to the nature of our products, we cannot process exchanges or refunds on opened, unsealed or used items. We will provide a complete refund of products that are unused and unopened within 14 days of shipping. We appreciate your understanding.

Does Karité ship internationally?

Yes, we now ship internationally! Please place your order directly on our website. Email us at info@mykarite.com with any questions or concerns.

How can I track my order?

We send a shipping confirmation email once an order is on its way to you. This email includes your tracking number, but feel free to contact us at info@mykarite.com if you misplace it!

Where is your manufacturer based?

Our ingredients are sourced from Ghana and the United States, but our products are manufactured in New Jersey.