Karité is inspired by the founders of Botanica Bazaar

Karité is inspired by the founders of Botanica Bazaar

Botanica Bazaar has played a major role in increasing Karité’s visibility, and we immediately fell for their founders’ fresh, natural approach to well-being that’s inspired by European apothecaries. With an internal and external approach to wellness, this Amagansett, New York destination supports the mind, body and spirit.

The inspirations: Bethany Mayer and Leilani Bishop

Their roles: Co-founders of Botanica Bazaar

Their story: Bethany and Leilani both grew up knowing nothing other than a natural, holistic approach to wellness. Both accomplished women in their own rights, Bethany made a name for herself in the fashion and creative worlds, while Leilani is a sought-after model-turned-actress. They teamed up in 2016 to open a carefully-curated shop inspired by traditional European pharmacies in Amagansett, New York that offers clean alternatives for everyday personal-care products. In addition to benefitting the well-being of Long Island’s East End community, Botanica Bazaar has become an online shopping destination that knows no geographical limits.

Why they motivate us: Bethany and Leilani represent the face of modern wellness. They have assembled an exclusive array of topical and ingestible products as well as skin- and body-minded tools (and more) that provides a clean, comprehensive approach to well-being.

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