Karité loves Dixie Lincoln-Nichols of Inside Outer Beauty Market

Karité loves Dixie Lincoln-Nichols of Inside Outer Beauty Market

Inside Outer Beauty has proven to be been one of Karité’s biggest advocates—and we can’t over-emphasize our gratitude. We have a shared dedication to skin health and overall wellness from both the inside and out, while promoting BIPOC-owned brands and raising awareness about the benefits of “clean,” non-toxic personal care.

The inspiration: Dixie Lincoln-Nichols

Her role: Founder of Inside Outer Beauty Market

Her story: Dixie started her career as a biological science and history teacher with the NYC Department of Education. She then set off on an “Eat, Pray, Love” journey in search of her true passion—which turned out to be sharing the joy of self-care with the world. With her personal experience with uterine fibroids and hormonal acne as her driving force, she embarked on a course of study at the Institute of Integrative Nutritional to become a health and wellness coach. From there, she furthered her education in detoxification at the London School of Naturopathic Medicine in the U.K.

Why she motivates us: Dixie’s passion for wellness propelled her to achieve her entrepreneurial goals. Inside Outer Beauty Market has become a go-to source for products that support skin health from the inside out—while striving to make the BIPOC community aware of the potential risks that toxins in beauty, wellness and personal care products can have on overall health.

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