A conversation with Atto Tetteh

A conversation with Atto Tetteh

Karité has your hands, body and lips covered with gentle, non-toxic, luxurious moisturizers formulated with unrefined shea butter from Ghana—and then we realized we needed something to hold them all! We knew our first foray beyond skincare had to have a connection to the local communities in our African homeland, so we joined forces with award-winning fashion designer Atto Tetteh.

Known for his use of bold, strong colors and prints, Tetteh’s inspiration comes from his African culture and environment in Accra, Ghana. The winner of Glitz Style and Fashion Ghana awards for menswear designer of the year, we were thrilled when Tetteh agreed to collaborate with us to create our limited-edition Carryall Bag—and talk about his experience working with Karité!

How did you connect with the Karité sisters?
I was actually introduced to the Karité sisters through the Creative Director of Pistis, an incredible Ghanaian-based fashion house. 

What do you love about the Karité brand?
I love the fact that the sisters are Ghanaian! The entire team was also excited that the Karité brand uses unrefined shea butter sourced directly from Ghana and only natural ingredients for their skincare products.

Why did you choose the fabrics that you did for the Carryall Bags?
African prints embody warmth, energy, happiness and art. We chose to use African prints for these bags because we wanted to share these positive vibes and the spirit of Africa with the Karité customer.

What do the colors and patterns represent?
Both colors were chosen carefully and are symbolic in Ghanaian culture. The purple color represents royalty and luxury, and the green color symbolizes rebirth and renewal.

What do you want Karité customers in the United States to know about Africa?
The world is at a stage where a lot of attention is on Africa. We sincerely hope the world sees Africa for what it truly is, which is a continent rich in culture, innovation, sustainability, strong social ties and excellence.

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